Sunday, January 18, 2009

Change of idea

When we (4 out of 9 members) met up again, we realized that all of us were stuck. Not one of us knew how to move forward with the idea of "Nothing Skill"

So we sat, and then someone said why don't we rebrand the Bonnington cafe? That sounded good to the rest of us. So we were just discussing how we could do about it. We then asked Ms. Yvonne's idea about it. She asked us, "Why not rebrand all of NTU's product?" We thought, Why not? So then we went about discussing and researching what are the products we could work with.

I'll be working on the T Shirt part as I have a few designs already done that I felt could work after a few minor adjustments.

Hopefully the pitch on Monday would be ok.

My designs :


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