Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Journey

What actually prompted me to embark on this MA Journey...

I graduated with a BA (Hons) Graphic Design in Sept 2007. I was wondering if I should jump on the course of MA or have some working experience first. In the end I decided that it would be better to actually gain some experience first. I started work in August 2007.

Working was a great experience. Really. I got to taste a little of the 'real' working life. Met some people who eventually became my good friends and offered me advice on my decision to further my education. Most of my conversation with my best friend and Art Director, Eric, was over our tea break. He gave me advice on what areas of design I should be looking in, which subject to take even. I was torn between taking MA Graphic Design or MA Photography or MA Art Direction. Eventually I decided taking up MA Art Direction.

Just before I submitted my application I had the opportunity to meet up with a lecturer from NTU, Mr. Robert Harland. That was a valuable meeting up I would say. He gave me some tips and corrected my mistakes. Also it was an earlier conversation with him that made me chose the route I'm taking now.

Why MA Art Direction when I graduated with a BA (Hons) Graphic Design? First of all, I didn't want to take Graphic Design as my major again. Also, I had no basic in Photography. Though I could take some decent looking photos but the theory and all those stuffs I have not much knowledge. So then, Art Direction sounded good. Since it was a fusion of Graphics and Photography. Hence my final decision of taking up MA Art Direction.

Entering my first term was nerve wrecking! Having left studying for about a year, it was hard to change back to the hectic life of a student. I must admit I was procastinating, slacking, enjoying too much. Ahh... the guilty feeling is haunting me right now. Then again, what's done is done. I now have to look towards the time I have left (which is not much when compared to the things I have to do).

The 2nd term has begun! And I'm still stuck in holiday mood. It's not gonna be any better with Chinese New Year around the corner. I know I have to start working, like it or not. I hope this term would be more fruitful than the term before.

All the best to me.


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