Monday, February 9, 2009

Exercise by Peter Lester

My tutor, Peter Lester, gave my group and myself an exercise.

1. Choose a piece of design
2. Choose 3 questions to fo with the peice which are a challege for the others to understand the meaning behind the item.
3. Provide answer on the blog.
4. Comment on the answers.

Here are the designs that I've chosen.

Credits :

Advertising agency : The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director : John Mani
Creative Director : Alok Gadken, Anand Tahilramani
Art Director : Girish Wadisherla
Copywriter : Anand Tahilramani
Client : Emirates Arthritis Foundation
Tagline : Is even the simplest tast painful




Question(s) :

1. What feeling is implied by the series of ad?
2. Does this ad help people without arthritis to understand what people with arthritis feel?
3. Would this be considered as a succesful ad to connect with the audience?

My answer(s) :

1. Pain!
2. I think it does as these are the simple task that we do everyday and we take for granted
3. It is considered to be successful because the message is very clear. The image is also very strong. And it makes the audience feel something

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