Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quality vs Quantity

Everyone can design a typeface but not everyone can design it well.

Back in the days when typographers were kings only a few thousand worldwide knew and could design and make a font. It was something that needed professional skills to accomplish. Not anyone off the streets could be skillful enough to create a font/typeface.

Fast forward a thousand years and you'll find that anyone who has access to a computer (Mac or PC) with softwares such as Fontographer or anything similar could design a font. There are millions of fonts out there worldwide now. Then comes the question, does that mean everyone is a king?

I would say no.

Though the end product of both typedesigner, then and now, is the same; A new font is born. The difference lies in the quality of the font. The real kings would have place a lot of consideration into a type before 'giving birth' to it. Most fake kings would just make some changes, tweak a little here and there and *drumroll* you have a font! It's an abuse, really.
Disclaimer : I'm not saying all typographers now are creating worthless fonts.

With great power comes great responsibility - Spiderman (2002)

Type designers or should I say accidental type designers indulge themselves in the power of modern technology but neglect the responsibility that comes with it. There is enough of 'rubbish' fonts out there. There is enough of 'copy-cat' fonts as well. When will the abuse of power stop? It will never, I suppose...

Hence the need to make them understand why does a font look the wat it does. It is crucial for a 'real' designer to understand a font before using it appropriately.

I shall end with this,

Every designer can use a typefacec but not every designer can use it well.

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